What strategies are in demand in 2021

Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide. Each year its revenues are growing tremendously. Betting on soccer is no exception. Many fans are not satisfied with just watching soccer matches, they also want to make money from it.

Newcomers, as a rule, seek to make a profit here and now. At the same time, they do not study anything. To start winning at bookmakers it is necessary to use different soccer betting strategies. This is nothing more than the rules and principles that minimize the possibility of losing a bookmaker's office. It is about such strategies will be discussed in our article.


This betting strategy online bookmaker parimatch is one of the best, what does it include? The player needs to increase the amount of each subsequent bet. For all the ease of the strategy, it has basic principles:

  • Before each subsequent bet, a competent analysis of the event should be conducted;
  • The odds for the event must be at least 2. Otherwise, the sense of this strategy is completely lost.

"First Score"

It is no secret that, as a rule, most soccer goals are scored by kicking. Many bookmakers have a special bet: "how the first goal will be scored. The average odds on the outcome "will be kicked" varies around 1.50. Principles of this strategy:

  • Playing at a distance. That means you don't have to bet wah-bank on every match you see. The advantage of this strategy is that it works well over a distance;
  • It is necessary to bet on those matches in which a goal is most likely to happen. It is not recommended to bet on "low" matches.

"Dallas Strategy"

This soccer betting strategy is not as popular as the previous ones. Nevertheless, it is quite effective. If the previous strategies are applicable to both LIVE and in-line games, the "Dallas strategy" should be applied only in LIVE games. The algorithm for this strategy is as follows:

  • A match is found in LIVE mode with a pronounced outsider;
  • Thanks to statistics, the game is analyzed to identify how the outsider plays;
  • If after 20-30 minutes from the beginning of the match the chosen team shows no activity (little attack, little shots on goal), then we choose the outcome: "Total (of the outsider) less than (1)".

Typically, the odds for this event after 20-30 minutes of the match, something in the neighborhood of 1.4-1.5. The basic principles of the "Dallas Strategy":

  • Avoid little-known leagues and teams;
  • Avoid women's championships and youth championships;
  • Choose games in those championships that tend to be "grassroots";
  • Exclude the German and Dutch championships. In these tournaments the most frequent bet is "both to score - yes".

"Strategy for a draw"

Out of all the proposed strategies, this one is the most risky but more profitable in case of success. Its essence is to wager on the outcome of a "Tie" in the match. The algorithm for this bet is simple, it is necessary to analyze the match and identify several components:

  • The original favorite of the meeting plays away;
  • Lack of motivation to win for both teams;
  • Lack of motivation to win in the favorite of the meeting;
  • Bad weather conditions.

It is also worth noting that this strategy is applicable in both line and LIVE games.